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Bobby Ray Parks not picked in NBA Draft but invited in Summer League by Dallas

Bobby Ray Parks

Bobby Ray Parks Jr. was not picked in the recent NBA Draft but was invited by the Dallas Mavericks and will play in the NBA Summer League which starts this July.

Bobby Ray Parks injured in Brooklyn Nets workout

Bobby Ray Parks injured in Brookly Nets workout

Bobby Ray Parks Jr got injured in his NBA pre-draft workout with the Brooklyn Nets and required 7 stitches due to an accidental elbow to his head. Ray Parks was not able to finish his workout with the Nets but will continue his pre-draft workout with other NBA teams in the next few days.

Bobby Ray Parks Interview Video after Draft Workout with Utah Jazz

Bobby Ray Parks Jr. had a pre-draft workout with the Utah Jazz for the upcoming NBA Draft next month, he will also have a workout with Brooklyn Nets, Dallas Mavericks, Atlanta Hawks and Boston Celtics.

Watch Bobby Ray Parks Interview Video

Bobby Parks Jr. (Guard, Philippines) meets the media after his draft workout and discusses playing in the Philippines

Posted by Utah Jazz on Monday, June 15, 2015

Good luck Bobby Ray Parks!