Gabe Norwood dunks over Luis Scola Video

Gabe Norwood made 2 big dunks in the Gilas Pilipinas vs Argentina Game!

1st Dunk of Gabe Norwood against Luis Scola

Video uploaded by FIBA

2nd Dunk of Gabe Norwood against Marcos Mata

Video uploaded by a Fan –

20 Responses to Gabe Norwood dunks over Luis Scola Video

  1. Roque gumanid says:

    grbi ka norwood!!!

  2. tomas antonio Madrid says:

    #gabe norwood dunk vs argentna gave a scare on argentinas reputation as rank #3 in the world, for sure we will improve our standings in world basketball through our stats in close games in the FIBA, we should improve at least 10 ranks in FIBA to 24 at the close of FIBA world competition

  3. tomas antonio Madrid says:

    we still have 2 games and 2 wins will advance us to the top 16 for d quarterfinals in FIBA world, go gilas pilipinas, Senegal and puerto rico are 2 easy teams for us to beat, we made a scare 4 Argentina, and now d world is aware of Philippine basketball at its best

  4. Rob Talan says:

    In your face!!! Whatta DUNK!!!

    #GOGilas #PusongPalaban

  5. rosalie says:

    go gilas pilipinas ipakita natin sa buong mundo ang pusog pilipino na hindi nagpapatinag kailanma..hooh grabe whatta dunk..!!!! #laban pilipinas puso..!!!!!

  6. marvin says:

    wow ang galing ni gabe norwood sapag dunks over luis scola puso

  7. Daryl Ambush Fabul says:

    BoooomShakaLaka!!!! ^_^

  8. Geraline E.Killiasi says:

    Wow na wow good dunk mr. Gave Norwood

  9. Jonathan Trillana says:

    … will never get tired of watching this again … and again … and again … and again …

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