FIBA U17 Day 3 Results

2014 FIBA U17 World Championship Day 3 Game Results last August 11, 2014 in Dubai.

Group A: USA defeated Philippines, 124-64
Top Scorer: Josh Jackson with 16 points
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Group A: Greece defeated Angola, 62-51
Top Scorer: Vasilis Charalampopoulos with 15 points

Group B: Canada defeated Australia, 85-74
Top Scorer: Jamal Murray with 25 points
(Isaac Humphries with 41 points – New FIBA U17 Scoring Record)

Group B: France defeated Japan, 96-51
Top Scorer: Gauthier Denis with 24 points

Group C: Italy defeated Spain, 64-50
Top Scorer: Andrea La Torre with 18 points

Group C: Puerto Rico defeated United Arab Emirates, 110-53
Top Scorer: Edwin Ebube with 20 points

Group D: Serbia defeated Argentina, 60-57
Top Scorer: Stefan Kenic with 18 points

Group D: China defeated Egypt, 84-58
Top Scorer: Hu Jinqiu with 18 points

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