2015 Jones Cup Day 4 Results

Day 4 of the 2015 William Jones Cup in Taipei, Taiwan (September 1, 2015)

Jones Cup Day 4

2015 Jones Cup Day 4 Results
Game 1: Gilas Pilipinas defeated Russia, 85-71
Top Scorer: Ranidel de Ocampo with 13 points
Read recap: Gilas Pilipinas defeats Russia by 14
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Game 2: Iran defeated New Zealand, 83-70
Top Scorer: Hamed Hadadi with 17 points

Game 3: South Korea defeated USA, 94-80
Top Scorer: Lee Seunghyun with 18 points

Game 4: Chinese-Taipei A defeated Chinese-Taipei B, 84-69
Top Scorer: Chou Po Chen with 19 points

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Current Standings (As of end of September 1, 2015)
Iran 4-0
Chinese-Taipei A 3-1
Russia (Spartak Primorye) 3-1
Philippines 2-1
South Korea 2-2
New Zealand (Wellington Saints) 1-2
USA (USA Select-Overtake) 1-3
Chinese-Taipei B 0-3
Japan 0-3

2 Responses to 2015 Jones Cup Day 4 Results

  1. criselda ballier says:

    sana tuloy tuloy na ang gilas.. thank u gilas pilipinas

  2. August Caparas Fernando says:

    I just hope and pray this GILAS team does not replicate pass Phil team’s INCONSISTENCY AND POOR FREE SHOOTING. If the improve on those aspectsof their game, they can take the measure of even IRAN, which is so far the 2nd strongest team in this Jones Cup after Sokor.

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