Angola defeats Gilas Pilipinas in Tune-up game

Gilas Pilipinas

Angola defeated Gilas Pilipinas, 83-74
August 21 – San Sebastian, Spain

Game Highlights:
-Andray Blatche led Gilas Pilipinas with 33 points and 17 rebounds
-Ranidel de Ocampo with 9 points
-Gabe Norwood contributed 7 points
-Jimmy Alapag and Jeff Chan with 6 points each
-Jayson Castro despite the injury played in this game for 15 minutes and scored 2 points
-Olimpio Cipriano led Angola with 29 points
-Angola is the current FIBA Africa Champions (FIBA Rankings: 15)
-Gilas Pilipinas vs Angola Game will be shown on TV5 on August 22, 8pm

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Game Scores:
Angola 83 – Cipriano 29, Moore 14, Moreira 9, Fortes 7, Joaquim 6, Gomes 5, Mingas 5, Costa 4, Ndoniema 2, Santos 2, Manuel 0, Barros 0.

Gilas Pilipinas 74 – Blatche 33, De Ocampo 9, Norwood 7, Alapag 6, Chan 6, Tenorio 4, Aguilar 4, Fajardo 3, Castro 2, David 0, Belga 0, Dillinger 0, Pingris 0.

Quarterscores: 17-17, 43-34, 64-50, 83-74.

35 Responses to Angola defeats Gilas Pilipinas in Tune-up game

  1. gilasSOLID. says:

    hindi ba lalaro si david morais sa angola para sa world CUP?

  2. Bill says:

    The offense is becoming tentative when blatche gets the ball. He is falling in love with the three point line too much. The tendency of the other players is just to stand around as if waiting for a miracle to happen. This is typical of PBA where you expect import to do everything and play the whole game. He is visible tired at times and is clearly still out of shape. The big guys should at least carry some of the load. Chot learn how to utilize his big men just like how Tim cone does. Seems like we’re going to live and die with the dribble drive offense. I know we value speed more than height but a little ceiling won’t kill us without compromising much of the speed. Up to now I don’t understand the role of David. Is he for offense or defense? Because if it’s for both, he is not doing well in both department. Nothing personal bro, I’m just keeping it real. Happy birthday to Andre blatche.

    • richard says:

      and yet very predictable

    • kysa says:

      i really agree with you regarding gary…. i think we made a wrong move in getting andrei.. he always starts outside, then drive… our team is more comfortable with post up centers like marcus… anyways.. good luck

    • aklas says:

      Napansin mo din bro? I was absolutely clueless what gary david’s role in this team( actually why the hell he’s there? ) he’s not making his baskets, nor defending his counterparts… He’s a liability in both offense and defense… May palakasan system bang nagaganap? I hope none. Actually pati si LA isa pang playrr na nagkakalat jan, tama nga yung tinweet ni tj manotoc na mas magaling pa si ravena kesa sa ibang players nitong gilas. No ball rotation, pulos one on one lagi kong nakikita. Asan na yung magagandang spacing at pasahan na nakita natin sa FIBa asia? Yes they were big, quick and atlethic, but i still think wih proper execution and “diskarte” kaya parin nating maiskoran yung middle. Don’ t settle with one on one then three. Masyado ng basang basa ng mga opponents. Kung ayaw umilalim ni blatche edi make pingris play post dba? O kya ranidel, sanay na sanay yang dalwa na yan lumaban sa mas malalaki sa kanila. Hindi ako nagpapaka coach pero yan yung mga lapses na kahit FAN lng tulad ko, mapapansin. And maybe next year alisin na si aguilar sa line up, i mean his been there for about what? 7 years already? Pero walang improvement? Dakdak lang alam? No lateral? Walang silbe, bangko kasi wlang magandang ginagawa, and yes palitan sya ng players like greg slowter na kahit ampaw at mabagal mas okay naman sa loob, tutal anjan na si blatche as main pf.

    • ronald sualog says:

      Dapat pumoste si blatche hindi ung lagi syang naka pwesto sa 3 points.the reason why we picked him is because we need a big guy na kayang pumoste at mag rebound eh pano nya gagawin yan kung lagi syang nasa labas. Pumapangit tuloy ang ball rotation ng wag sla dumepende sa bilis nila kasi puro mabibilis ang makakalaban nla dun at malalaki pa. Ang kailangan nila maging consistent ang shooting nla kasi hirap tyo makakuha ng second chance points dahil malalaki mga kalaban

    • You Be Soft says:

      If you guys did not yet watch Andray play in the NBA, you can see he does not play very well at the post, he loves shooting midrange jumpers and frequently stay outside. That is his game, if you change his style of play, it’s like saying to him that his game is ugly. He was a scoring-PF not a center back with the Wiz, and once averaged 16 and 8. I’m giving him 2 thumbs up for carrying the PH for this game with that big numbers. I think he is not the problem in the PH’s system, our BIGS need to step up and also our shooters. OR MAYBE, the system is the problem, living and dying with the Dribble Drive Offense would probably be our problem, they really need to run plays or run pick-and-rolls, if our enemies see our vulnerable offense it’s like taking a doze of our own medicine. JUST MY OPINION. thanks .:)

  3. Francis Ronaldo says:

    Fajardo and Aguilar is not playing at the level they are expected. What a waste of height in the defense department. These two should support Andre in the paint for defense. Hey Filipinos, basketball is a physical game. There is a lot of banging around and if you end the game without bruises, you did not do your job. The world basketball championships is not a pa pogi tournament like the PBA. The PBA is for local consumption only in Manila. I heard Chot Reyes say time and time again Gilas players are scared like shit to take the game into the other teams defense. Gilas will not win a single game with just outside shooting against the out stretched arms of taller opponents. Just take a look at the American team how their defense become offense. They execute their fast break beautifully. Sorry guys with all these comments but I also coached in the United States and I feel Chot Reyes’s pain.

    • aklas says:

      I think it’s time to let japhet go in this gilas program. Fajardo stay, cause we badly need centers. And get greg slaughter next year. That means blatche will play the powerforward spot and be relieve by pingris. Then ranidel and gabe will play small forward. Guards were Jdillinger, castro and lee. Then get shooter like lassiter along with chan and yes, bobby ray parks.

    • rafael says:

      how can Fajardo and Japheth play defense when they are not being used by Coach Chot. Maybe Coach Chot should learn more how to use big men rather than puro guards just like Coach Tim Cone who wisely uses the guards and big men at the same time. 🙂

  4. benz says:

    Don’t expect too much now guys… its just a tune up games, of course the coaches will not bring out the cards now..lets just wait in the real games.:) go gilas!

    • Riel says:

      I totally agree with you Benz. The best thing we can do here is to support our National Team because they do their best outside and inside the court for us Filipino. Laban Team Pilipinas! \m/!

  5. Darrell says:

    I don’t understand why gilas is loaded with point guards (alapag, Castro, tenorio, lee). If lee is replacement of fonacier, then coaches must sacrifice one of the original PGs from Fiba Asia, I guess It has to be LA. He is the shortest among all, but what L.A does, jimmy and Castro can do the same. I would suggest Jared Dillinger must be inserted in the rosters, he is tough, bigger and can guard multiple positions, even can play as PG like gabe Norwood. If coaches stick with 4 PGs, Gary D has to leave in order JD will be in!

  6. rman says:

    Well I hope Im right.

    What I see is they play good movement and rotation before and beat the 1st tune up game against Spaniards local team and the rest is just a dummy game. they hide their “A” game play for good so that our FIBA actual opponents will not read our style of play and also marks who is the true gunner.

    I agree with Benz!


  7. Francis Ronaldo says:

    The point is guys only Blanche is scoring. Why is that? There are 11 other pros playing for Gilas. This team should be a lot better than the one that Jaworski, Arnaiz, Fernandez, Guidaben team. They look scared when they play. Taking long shots most of the time.

  8. aklas says:

    This team is actually lack of shooters and post players… You can’t stick with the dribble drive offense all the time. The only shooters( real shooters ) are jeff, rdo and maybe blatche. Gary david is supposed to be one of them, but he can’t make his baskets. Aside from that there are too many guards here. LA should give way since he’s the worst among the four PG. Gary should also sacrifice his spot for JD. Even JD is not a good three point shooter, but he did better in shooting threes than david! That supposed to be the other way! And besides he’s bigger, great ball handler and a pesky defender as well. A good back up for gabe norwood.

    Still i’m hoping for a great finish for gilas in FIBA world. Kahit walang panalo basta dumikit lang sana at napahirapan yung mga kalaban nakakabilib na yun. And i hope next year chot will get his best options in players selection. The gilas d3s3rv3s the best team. Hindi yung pwede na yan. GO GILAS! PUSO!

  9. ponz says:

    Jared,slaughter should be in the team.Yes tenorio and Gary, should be left out..But, guys…they help the team in winning the ticket for FIBA World, they had sacrificed a lot and coach chot knows what we all observed during their tune-up games,nahihirapan sila.The level of Play of teams competing were so very different from FIBA asia..They are tall, quick and shooters and a better defender..makakasilat rin sila…just wait and see..whats important is, the experience we gained in this tournament for both the players and coaches.don’t expect them to win games..Don’t you all see? they did their best, skill level, i can say we are at par, however the ceiling of players is of great disparity and smart gilas squad lack experienced to include the coaches..anyway, we are among the best…go gilas…go…go..puso!

  10. Ehldinn Franserr says:

    May mga walang silbi ngayon sa line up ng Gilas. Obviously, pinapairal ni Chot ang “puso”, seems may utang na loob sya sa mga members na nagdala sa Pinas sa World Cup. Why keep on having David and Tenorio in the line-up as these guys are no longer assets to the team. This is where Reyes is keeping his “heart”.Kailan pa makikita ang tunay na laro especially David? They have been having lots of tune-up games and yet David could barely produce points as well as Tenorio whose ‘A’ game has really dwindled. Sana nakita ng coach yan..and Dillinger could have been better para na lang sa defense aside from being taller. doesn’t need for one to be a basketball genius before you could see the lapses in this team.

  11. Darrell says:

    If I was given a chance to choose, I would select:
    1. Alapag
    2. Castro
    3. Lee
    4. Chan
    5. De Ocampo
    6. Norwood
    7. Pingris
    8. Aguilar
    9. Blatche
    10. Fajardo
    11. DILLINGER(for Tenorio)
    12. WASHINGTON(for David)

    If Larry Fornacier is available, I’m pretty sure David is out and Washington will be hold.

    Kung kulang ng shooters why don’t gilas include them in the pool:

    – James Yap
    – PJ Simon
    – Chris Lutz
    – Joseph Yeo
    – Dondon Hontiveros
    – KG Canaleta
    – Marcio Lassiter

    Basta Go parin Gilas!!!! Puso!!!!

  12. marv says:

    If I was given a chance to choose, I would select: 1.Alapag 2.Castro 3.Lee 4.De Ocampo 5.Chan 6.Norwood 7.Pingris 6.Aguilar or slaughter 9.Blatche 10.Fajardo 11.yap (for david) 12.dillinger(for Tenorio)

  13. marv belicena says:

    f I was given a chance to choose, I would select: 1.Alapag 2.Castro 3.Lee 4.De Ocampo 5.Chan 6.Norwood 7.Pingris 6.Aguilar or slaughter 9.Blatche 10.Fajardo 11.yap (for david) 12.dillinger(for Tenorio)

  14. rolanes rocky says:

    Lagi nalang talo sa tune up, eh wala na maibuga pag dating sa world cup may injyrd pa. noon pa yan wla naman naka scrore diya c david.

  15. Bill says:

    I guess the comments shown here just prove one thing – frustration. Come on guys we’re all here for you and if you hear critism it’s because we want to see you do better. We are in this together. Get your act together. And if this is just for show for one reason or the other well it’s disappointing. Go gilas.

  16. bruno says:

    with all due respect sir. tanong ko lang sa mga nagcomment na dapat sinama sina greg at marcio sa gilas, kailan pa kayo nagsimulang sumubaybay sa gilas? kasi ayon yata sa balita kung di ako nagkakamali sila yung umayaw.

  17. symonskie says:

    as what i see we don’t have to stick sa dribble drive. Even si blatche dapat nasa post. .As amateur coach dapat nakastick sila sa ibng gameplan rather than dribble drive. madaling mabasa ang paulit-ulit na play and chot must be wise dapat sa pagshuffle ng lineup. be aggresive dapat. .lastly dapat inalis si David sayang lang eh. Haays i hope na gayahin ang style ng USA or SPAIN etc. na kasama ang mga collegiate players para mahasa at bihasa.

  18. mike says:

    Jason Castro
    Paul dalistan
    Jared Dillinger
    Gabe norwood
    Marc pingris
    Jeff Chan
    Ranidel due ocampo
    Jun mar fajardo to play like asi taulava
    And train this players:
    Chris Ellis
    Greg slaughter
    Include stand outs like
    Ray parks
    Jeron teng
    Keifer ravena
    Kevin Ferrer
    Just a suggestion for future tournaments

  19. Darrell says:

    As u can see, all tune up games were against tough teams, they were on top in the ranks except for Ukraine, they are below but with superb program and coached by high profiled mentor… Tune up games were just tests, and gilas shown that they can really compete with high ranked team in the world. In short, gilas is one of the best! Labanpilipinas! Puso!

  20. Dale says:

    Well, ung iba kasi nasa isip puro panalo, gusto bida at sikat agad. . coach chot is aware na bawat laro nila, my nag sscout . its like playing cards, alangan naman bubunot agaf ng alas kung 3hearts lng naman kalaban . from the word itself ‘tune-up’ means adjusting. Masturbate your minds and be logical . di yung puro talk shit kau tas pag nanalo nman ung pinas, hihinog na mga balimbing 🙂

  21. Marco says:

    Tumpak , hindi tayo team USA na hindi na kailangan itago ang tunay na game-plan , kung mapapansin nyo sa game ng gilas against France almost
    lumamang’ sila on the second quarter of the game. And on their third game
    against Australia biglang humigpit ang depensa ng Australia like they were treating it as the actual game of FIBA , see the importance of scouting here . And I guess , Greg Slaughter will help a lot on the next FIBA .

  22. Toto south cotabato says:

    I agree.. napansin ko tira ng tira si blatche sa labas.. mabuti sana kun parating pumapasok. pag hindi hindi tayo maka kuha ng offensive rebound hindi sya mka create para ma involve ang mga kasama nya.. specially sa mga shooters natin.. sa una palang alam ko nagkamali si coach chot sa pagkuha kay blatche.. para sa akin sana si douthit ang kinuha ko over blatche kasi si douthit may laro sa baba at may disiplina pa at alam nyana ang galaw ng mga kasama nya.

  23. pamlac says:

    loosing with running out of points closer to Angola for such a tune up games like this isn’t so bad. Just believe that Gilas Pilipinas team has always something to be reserved and prepared to, that is to fight for the win that the Filipino ever wanted…

  24. Toto south cotabato says:

    sayang si larry fonacier na injured pa, gamit na gamit sana si larry jan, he is a great shooter and smart to. hope for the best na lang gilas.. bahala na matalo basta lumalaban.. at least nakalaro natayo sa world im sure mag ee improve na tayo sa dadating pang mga taon.. if ako si coach chot this will be my final 12 sa asian games. douthit, slaugther, aguilar, ranidel de ocampo, marc pingris, ray ray parks, gabe norwood, larry fonacier, jeff chan, paul lee, jason castro, ryan reyes….

  25. gilas fanatic says:


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