Perlas Pilipinas Schedule for SEABA Women’s Championship

2016 SEABA Championship for Women from September 20-26 in Malacca City, Malaysia

2016 SEABA Championship for Women

Perlas Pilipinas Schedule for 2016 SEABA Championship for Women
September 20, 3pm – Perlas Pilipinas vs Singapore
September 21, 4pm – Perlas Pilipinas vs Laos
September 22, 6pm – Perlas Pilipinas vs Vietnam
September 23, 8pm – Perlas Pilipinas vs Indonesia
September 24, 8pm – Perlas Pilipinas vs Malaysia
September 25, 6pm – Perlas Pilipinas vs Thailand

Round robin format, No. 1 team wins the SEABA Champioship for Women’s Title

View Perlas Pilipinas Roster for SEABA Women’s Championship

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