Andray Blatche to play in China

Andray Blatche

According to reports, Andray Blatche will play in the China for one year. The Xinjiang Guanghui Flying Tigers who plays at the CBL or Chinese Basketball League have signed Andray Blatche after his impressive performance in the 2014 FIBA World Cup.

Andray Blatche played for the Brooklyn Nets last year but was not re-signed but he may still go back to the NBA by March 2015 after the CBL ends.

Good luck Andray Blatche!

9 Responses to Andray Blatche to play in China

  1. Mike says:

    I think blatche is really a NBA calliber player,and play in China ? I think he`s hard to stop after gaining that confidence in Fiba World Cup and im suprise that he will not play in NBA`s next season.

  2. charlito ripalda says:


  3. charlito ripalda says:


  4. Bernard/Guia Platero says:

    Mama mia, por favor. Que cera cera, Blatche? Por dios por santo, santissima trinidad.

  5. charlie says:

    Blatche will be paid 2.5 million in China and gets the money. If he plays in the NBA the money he earns will be deducted from the 8.5 million the Wizards own him due to him being amnestied. Thus he basically get no more than the 8.5 million he is already getting. Him playing in China is a good move financially and after the season he can play in the NBA by March. I may fault him but 2.5 million is a lot. Good luck Andray and hope you strike fear in the Chinese league so that they would see the great “pinoy” talent that you are.

  6. Ian beleb says:

    Filipino citezen na sya diba pwede po ba siyang mag pa drop sa PBA ??


    tnx god….

  8. candy -- says:

    oh my G…im sad about the news… i want andray to just play only for the phils.,… china? i can’t imagine, china&phils., …

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