Asian Imports in the PBA Governors Cup

Mehdi Kamrani

The 2015 PBA Governors Cup will feature Asian Imports. The 12 PBA Teams can now hire 2 imports for the 3rd conference: 1 Asian Import (6 foot 3 and below) and 1 Foreign Import (Unlimited Height for last 4 teams and 6 foot 5 for the other teams).

The Asian Import has to be a natural-born player from his country of origin and has met FIBA eligibility rules to be able to play in the PBA this means no naturalized players.

Do you think it is good for the PBA to include Asian Imports in the Governors Cup?

4 Responses to Asian Imports in the PBA Governors Cup

  1. onetwelve says:

    Diversity brings about new skills, strategies and new look to the game. It will also bring an increased level of competition. Our players will have to up their game or be replaced with foreign bred players.

  2. beeny tan says:

    yes good Like NBA N also Like CBA I like it good news

  3. richard dagot says:

    Lets try but pls dont make 2 imports how about our locals they may reduce their playing time

  4. raymond tutop says:

    dpat wla height limit para mahasa bigmen nten

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