“It is time for someone else take over the wheel” – Chot Reyes

Vincent “Chot” Reyes requested that his name should not be included in the search for the next Gilas Pilipinas Head Coach.

Gilas Pilipinas Coach Chot Reyes

Read Chot Reyes statement below as posted in his twitter (@coachot)
“I understand the Search Committee is scheduled to meet this week. In this light, I humbly request that my name would not be considered by the Committee as a candidate for the national team coach of Smart Gilas Pilipinas. This will allow the Committee to do its work unencumbered, take a broader view of other potential candidates to this national job, and enable the Gilas program to move on unfettered. Indeed, it is time for someone else take over the wheel; it is time for me to hand over that wheel.

“May I say that I have dedicated the past two (2) years serving the National Team to the best of my ability. I have personally derived great pride and much satisfaction for the strides the Gilas program has taken – with the collective effort of everyone involved in the effort.

“I would like to thank MVP, the SBP, PBA, TV5, the PLDT group, the Gilas supporters, and most especially my family for those two difficult but wonderful years I was given to serve my country and Philippine basketball. Despite the intense pressure that came with the job and the public scrutiny that goes with being the National Coach, this job has always been a unique privilege – I wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

“Salamat, Gilas. Salamat, Pilipinas.

“Mabuhay tayong lahat. Laban Pilipinas! PUSO!”

View Chot Reyes Gilas Pilipinas Record

Thank you Chot Reyes for all your sacrifices!

3 Responses to “It is time for someone else take over the wheel” – Chot Reyes

  1. Ednalyn says:

    Hoping for the best coach. But you are still da best for gilas! Salamat!

  2. Jojo rionda says:

    O anong say nyo?sino gusto mag coach ng gilas?

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