Kobe Paras leaves Creighton Bluejays

Kobe Paras - Creighton Bluejays

After only 1 year of playing for the Creighton Bluejays, Kobe Paras has secured a release from Creighton, but there is no word yet on where will Kobe Paras transfer or if he will return back to the Philippines.

Kobe Paras averaged 1.3 points and 1.0 rebound in just 4.7 minutes of action for the Bluejays and played in only 15 of the 35 games of Creighton in this years US NCAA Season.

Kobe Paras posted a tweet thanking his Creighton Family.

What do you think Kobe Paras should do next?

Photo above from @_kokoparas

4 Responses to Kobe Paras leaves Creighton Bluejays

  1. Santi says:

    He needs to go to a Southern California lesser well known Division I School like Fullerton State, San Diego state, or UC Irvine wherein he can start and play a lot of minutes. That’s how he will develop. So. Cal schools knows his accomplishments and he has better chance of doing well rather than those remote out of state schools.

  2. jerry plaza says:

    Yes i agree Kobe must start in a Div. 1 lesser known school & develop his full potential & talent I firmly believe that by his hardworking attitude of play he will become the first Pinoy NBA playerin GOD’s time

  3. manuel francisco says:

    He need to go to weaker teams. Its not that bad to if your playing for a team that is no contention or champion status. There is actually a positive outcome playing for such team. He might get more minutes and good stats as well.

  4. Joe M. Ocampo says:

    Continue to pursue your dream man.You got a lot of potentials. You’ll find your own niche on those who believe in you. Quitters are losers. Don’t give up.

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