Sinag Pilipinas SEA Games Recap

Game 5 Finals: Philippines (85) vs Thailand (57) (28 point win)
Top Scorer: Greg Slaughter – 16 points
Game Recap: Philippines wins Gold Medal in 2011 SEA Games Basketball

Game 4 Semifinals: Philippines (103) vs Malaysia (74) (29 point win)
Top Scorer: Greg Slaughter – 16 points
Game Recap: Philippines beats Malaysia, 1 more win for the Gold

Game 3: Philippines (103) vs Thailand (69) (34 point win)
Top Scorer: Cliff Hodge – 15 points
Game Recap: Philippines defeats Thailand, now 3-0

Game 2: Philippines (107) vs Vietnam (53) (54 point win)
Top Scorer: Greg Slaughter – 20 points
Game Recap: Philippines defeats Vietnam by 54

Game 1: Philippines (127) vs Cambodia (68) (59 point win)
Top Scorer: Kiefer Ravena – 17 points
Game Recap: Philippine defeats Cambodia

5 Responses to Sinag Pilipinas SEA Games Recap

  1. ret says:

    Nice win in SEABA, we’ve got to maintain the basics. I think we should focus on training our future players against the zone, the U17 team and smart gilas failed bcoz of unfamiliarity attacking the zone. This is our achilles heel from time to time, we can’t win if we will not learn. Once they step in the pro ranks they tend to forgot the basics, we need players that can shoot consistently in the perimeter and slash/drive to the basket when a defender closes him out. 2 players that can do this is ok. at positions shooting guard and small forward. Currently my candidates are PJ Simon (SG), Mac Cardona (SG), at SF I’m looking at Gabe Norwood but He’s got to be tenacious in attacking the basket he can jump why not use it?. James Yap is thriving well in Coach T’s triangle, it’s the nice thing about this triangle your decision making and individual skill will flourish while at the same time expose the things to improve on.

  2. ret says:

    My Dream Team
    Team Manager- Manny Pangilinan & Cojuangco (SMC)tandem if possible
    Team Consultant- Rajko Toroman
    Head Coach- Tim Cone
    Assistant Coach- Ato Agustin
    Skills Trainer- Big Man- Macus Douthit or Benjie Paras or A. Patrimonio
    Shooting- Allan Caidic
    Playmaking- Johnny Abarrientos

    Center- Fajardo, Ali Peek or a Naturalized Foreign
    Power Forward- J. Aguilar, K. williams
    Small Forward- Arwind Santos, Gabe Norwood
    Shooting Guard- P.J. Simon, Chris Lutz
    Point Guard- Paul Lee, Denok Miranda

    Players to Scout more:
    J.R. Reyes, Samigue Eman, Gary David, Alex Cabagnot, R.R. Garcia,
    Jeff Chan
    Seems we have a Problem now at center position with the leaving of Taulava and aging Douthit and I’m looking for a cerebral point guard that can be compared to Johnny A.
    Ali Peek is undersized but is effective. Comments are welcome, and let’s vote or vote out some to select our team””,

  3. Q says:

    have more tryouts grass-root level… include fil-foreiners…

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