Smart Gilas FIBA Asia Championship Recap

2011 FIBA Asia Championship Recap of Smart Gilas Games
Wuhan, China

Battle for 3rd Place Results
Top Scorer: Marcus Douthit – 27 points
Read Game Highlights: Philippines finished 4th Place in FIBA Asia

Semifinals Results
Top Scorer: Marcus Douthit – 21 points
Read Game Highlights: Jordan defeats Philippines in Semis

Quarterfinals Results
Top Scorer: Marcus Douthit – 37 points
Read Game Highlights: Philippines beats Chinese-Taipei, now in Final Four

2nd Round Results

Philippines defeats Syria, 75-52
Top Scorer: Marcus Douthit – 20 points
Read Game Highlights: Another come from behind win by Smart Gilas

Philippines defeats Japan, 83-76
Top Scorer: Marcus Douthit – 25 points
Read Game Highlights: Philippines with a big win over Japan

Philippines defeats Jordan, 72-64
Top Scorer: Marcus Douthit – 19 points
Read Game Highlights: FIBA 2nd Round: Philippines defeats Jordan

1st Round Results

Philippines defeats Bahrain, 113-71
Top Scorer: Japeth Aguilar – 21 points
Read Game Highlights: Philippines defeats Bahrain

China defeats Philippines, 75-60
Top Scorer: Marcus Douthit – 17 points
Read Game Highlights: China defeats Philippines

Philippines defeats UAE, 92-52
Top Scorer: Mac Baracael – 15 points
Read Game Highlights: Philippines defeats UAE

5 Responses to Smart Gilas FIBA Asia Championship Recap

  1. notafan anymore says:

    As seen time and time again in Asian Basketball, Phi can’t win because they suck at shooting free throws.

  2. jhony A says:

    center marcus,fajardo power forward,slouter,aguilar,williams shooting forward deocampo,raymundo,devance shooting guard alrich ramos,santos,james yap guard tenorio,alapag, practis lang sa malalaking player at sa mga shooter tapos pratisin din yung shooting guard kailangan taasan ang shooting guards natin masyadon maliliit tapos shooting freetrows praktisin din saka dapat hindi kabado tutok nalang sablay pa freetrows sablay din pratisin na tong mga to habang maaga SA MGA Couch natin TRAIN NYO NA TO tumatanda na c alapag
    kaya c castro isama na

    dapat ang coach c jaworski para matapang turuan mangutak

  3. dudez says:

    dpat s jordan p lng ginamiot n c japet! sayang ang lakas ng team gilas first five! douthit japet wiliams lasssiter at alapag agad!

  4. Sid says:

    Tama! buti kpa may bsic knwldge sa bsktbol. Eto kc mga local coach ntin mga recruit na local & filam always small guy 5’10 pde kna s.guard /pag 6’3 pwer frwrd na. Kaya ang PBA down nilalangaw na. Wala n mga hardcore fans ang PBA. dati puno aabangan mo cla Balingit,Paras,Codinera,Patrimonio,Aquino,Seigle,Feihl sabik ang Pinoy makakita ng big guy. substitute p lng palakpak na. Ngayon ang height ng PBA parang png inter Barangay. kahit banban ang matangkad ma turuan yan unlike sa small guy limited ang capacity. c Jaworski is a 6’2 pt guard naglaro p sa Asian games.Hinde nman ako naniwala sa malas lng daw” you beat Jordan Twice b4 and lead korea 4 3qtrs. dpat focus,sacrifice & willingness 2 win.

  5. nardski says:

    As much as I hate reading Recah Trinidad’s Inquirer article because of his often times super negative criticism and Gilas bashing, he always has a point. Like today’s article (Sept. 29 2011) he pointed out that the last 5 shots scored by the Korea squad, 3 out of 5 were shots taken from the so called “wrong foot” practiced by Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and played to perfection by Dirk Norwitzki which in my opinion is Soo True.. If you’re really a fan of basketball and watch the different basketball styles all over the world you will see that majority of the European players use this technique which was popularized by a korean basketball player in the 70′s. I remember back when i was watching the 1990 Asian games and saw for the first time how other asian countries played, my basketball fanatic friends and I would laugh at how funny the Korea and China team played. Their lay-ups and shooting looked awkward and funny (layman’s term “Balibag-Tae”). Unknowingly it would be the foundation of the power house Asian teams like China and Korea and world champoin teams like Spain, Argentina and Germany.. My point is this Basketball Heads in our country should put an end to their useless politicking and have one goal which is to save Philippine Basketball and go straight to the grass roots program. I still hate Recah Trinidad for Being so negative but i still thank him for proving a point and i still read his articles. 😛

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