Allan Caidic with 79 points (37 in 3rd quarter) Video

Allan Caidic scored 79 points including 17 three-pointers (37 points in the 3rd quarter-similar to Klay Thompson record 37 points in 3rd quarter) as Tivoli beat Ginebra, 162-149 on November 21, 1991.

Watch the Highlights of the historic game by “The Triggerman” Allan Caidic

Who do you think can beat the record of Allan Caidic?

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2 Responses to Allan Caidic with 79 points (37 in 3rd quarter) Video


    Tito ko yan! 🙂 #ProudNieceHere.

  2. Edzon Pineda says:

    Allan Caidic is my idol until now hopefully magkaroon ako ng pix with him,,pareho kami triggerman din ang call sa akin ng ibang kong mga friends,,he will be my MVP and 3 point gunner walang makaka break ng record nya pag dating sa points lalo na sa 3 point area!

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