Hontiveros/Abueva vs Semerad/Washington Video

In just the 1st quarter of the Alaska vs GlobalPort PBA Semifinals Game 2, an altercation happened between Dondon Hontiveros, Anthony Semerad, Calvin Abueva and Jay Washington that resulted in 13 technical fouls including most of the coaching staff of both teams as they entered the court during the commotion.

Hontiveros/Abueva vs Semerad/Washington

13 Technical Fouls

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3 Responses to Hontiveros/Abueva vs Semerad/Washington Video

  1. Teresito C. Estenzo says:

    I view the footage, its very clear ABUEVA initiated the trouble, dapat cya ang suspend sa pag laro, dahil kung hindi niya binangga se semerand wala nang mangyaring gulo…tarantadong abueba yan….

  2. peter says:

    go gilas pilipinas

  3. siegle says:

    what I think and see is the PBA or its refferees actually have different set of rules for ALASKA and ROS players.watch the games and you’ll see the screens of THOSS and ABUEVA are all illegal.a FF2 for other players are just TF or FF1 or even a regular foul for abueva and BELGA.a foul for others is a non call for both.

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