Quinahan Suspended, Ibanes and Ganuelas-Rosser Fined by the PBA

JR Quinahan was fined P50,000 and suspended for 1 game, P40,000 for throwing the ball at the face of Matt Ganuelas-Rosser and P10,000 for his fighting stance against Ivan Johnson. Jireh Ibanes and Matt Ganuelas-Rosser were fined P40,000 each for holding, grabbing, shoving and pushing each other.

Watch Video of Fight that happened in Game 4

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Do you think the sanctions were enough for these players?

Read Official Statement by PBA Commissioner Chito Salud
From the Office of the Commissioner re the game 4 incident involving ROS’ Jireh Ibanes and JR Quinahan and TNT’s Matt Ganuelas-Rosser:

“The Office of the Commissioner is hereby affirming the flagrant fouls called in the 9:47 mark of the fourth quarter of game 4 on Talk N’ Text’s Matt Ganuelas-Rosser and Rain or Shine’s Jireh Ibanes and JR Quinahan.
For excessive and protracted, holding, grabbing, shoving and pushing Rosser and Ibanes are hereby fined the amount of forty thousand pesos (P 40,000.00) each for the Flagrant Foul Penalty 2 assessed against them.

For throwing the ball at the face of Rosser after Rosser and Ibanes have already disentangled, Quinahan is hereby fined the amount of forty thousand pesos (P 40,000.00) and suspended for one game for the Flagrant Foul Penalty 2 act.

This Office considers the act of hitting an opponent with the basketball as a highly-provocative and treacherous act. It is not unlike throwing a punch without warning and worse, without the attendant risk of retaliation. We did not find this factual condition in the incident involving Rosser and Ibanes.

Additionally, Quinahan took a fighting stance immediately after throwing the ball at Rosser for which he is fined the additional sum of ten thousand pesos (P 10,000.00).

This Office notes the propensity of players from both teams to engage in unnecessary off-the-ball grappling/jostling, extra motions and trash talking.

These non-basketball moves and actuations will be called. As we remind both teams that the responsibility of playing the game on its merits ultimately rests on them, the game officials have been directed to take the appropriate measures to prevent the recurrence of these incidents.”

3 Responses to Quinahan Suspended, Ibanes and Ganuelas-Rosser Fined by the PBA

  1. Louise Andrew says:

    Mga ini-idolo kayo ng mga kabataan ito ang dapat nyong tandaan… di kayo dapat tularan marumi na nga ang pulitika sa pinas pati pa ba sa numero unong laro sa bansa(BASKETBALL) bababuyin nyo rin…

  2. ikan says:

    malamang hihigpit ang tawagn, konting bangga tawag kagad yan si ref

  3. johnaxe says:

    that’s what you call professional basketball? kakahiya naman! Pinapakita lang natin na wala tayong mga disiplina mga pilipino kung ganyan sila maglaro ON NATIONAL TV! Commissioner and the Coaches has to remind them of proper discipline on court.

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